Sod House on the Prairie; Sanborn, MN

Check out these simple bathroom images: Sod House on the Prairie; Sanborn, MN Image by _Jason_K Sod House on the Prairie is an actual tourist destination located in Sanborn, MN, on the Laura Ingalls Historic Highway. Information on the attraction’s website states that Stan McCone built several sod replicas in 1987-1988 as a personal tribute to the homesteaders who came to the prairie. Stan and his family presently live on… Read More »

Nice Awesome Bathroom photos

Check out these awesome bathroom images: Photo series at Cibo Image by sandy kemsley These are at the bottom of the stairs in Cibo (leading down to the bathrooms) – awesome photos, don’t know the artist 56/421 Image by Fuschia Foot Posing in the bathroom at the Melting Pot in Chicago. Cathy and I went there for ladies mini spa night. It was AWESOME. For you got three-course fondue, mini… Read More »

Cool Modern Kitchen Design images

Check out these modern kitchen design images: Wood Gates and Fences (4) Image by Nature form furniture – wooden gates and fences Nature form furniture – Unique furniture and design elements: Harijs Stradiņš – a craftsman working with natural shape wood processing, has been designing furniture and other interior design elements since 1997 selecting the best parts of the tree from top to root. In his works Harijs uses… Read More »

Nice Modern Bathroom photos

Some cool modern bathroom images: Clock + Dining Table – Passed-in – 2.7mil Beaconsfield Pde Image by avlxyz We were taking a walk on Beaconsfield Parade and we happened on an auction. Curious as to the value of a beachfront property, we wandered in for a sticky-beak and stuck around for the auction. The layout was quite amazing, giving this tiny Victorian terrace a spacious feel. The near immaculate renovations… Read More »

Nice Beautiful Bathroom photos

Check out these beautiful bathroom images: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM EVER Image by PrettyKateMachine Our bathroom at the Four Seasons was the most beautiful bathroom ever. I loved the tiles, the tub, it was incredible. Am I really old enough to get this excited about a bathroom? I guess I am.

Nice Luxury Bathroom photos

A few nice luxury bathroom images I found: Bathroom in 4901 @ Park Hyatt Tokyo Image by s.yume After spending the night at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, we headed back to the familiar comfort of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. This time, for my final three nights in Japan for this trip I had booked the Park Suite, a nice large room with an amazing view as far as the eye… Read More »

Cool Luxury Kitchen images

Check out these luxury kitchen images: Ickworth Park (NT) 10-03-2012 Image by Karen Roe It had long been our ambition to convert the basement of the Rotunda back to its condition in 1910. Ickworth Lives, a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and your donations, is doing just that. Opened on 2nd March 2012, we invite you to discover the real lives of those who lived and worked in… Read More »