33 Liberty

By | January 4, 2019

Some cool awesome kitchen images:

33 Liberty
awesome kitchen
Image by Vortech
We ate the first night at this great little restaurant. And I do mean Little. There were maybe 7 tables in the place and all of them were in direct view of the kitchen. It was as much eating with the chef, as eating at the restaurant. He took our email address and keeps us apprised weekly of what his family is doing, and what’s available in the area.

Here’s a recent one sent while Clooney was filming a movie in Greenville:
George did not eat here. But if he does I will let you know. However this did bring up an interesting topic of conversation over here. Most of us agreed that we would not get too excited over George if he came in. Yeah he’s a good actor but that’s about as far as it goes. We would get pretty excited over chefs and a few cookbook authors like Michael Ruhlman, Alton Brown or Gray Kunz. Since you’re wondering, perhaps the most famous person that has eaten here was…..sorry, I never kiss and tell!

This week’s menu features some great winter fare. Braised Beef Shortribs, Smoked Pork Shoulder, White Bean Soup and Duck Confit.

Week after next we start a 2 week run of our annual New Orleans inspired Mardi Gras menu. For those of you that don’t know I grew up and learned to cook in New Orleans and Cajun/Creole food is very close to my heart. So for 2 weeks we will serve a menu full of crayfish, shrimp, oysters, red beans and pecans. Speaking of New Orleans, I have added a short piece to "John’s Column" with the unlikely title of "The Bacon Cake". You should get a good laugh out of it but you have my apologies if French is your native language.

We have reservations available for the entire week.

I also want to call attention to our other website www.upstatefoodpros.com

We have several new reviews including a video review of Maurice’s Cafe hosted by the brave Richard Ondrovic and a review of Pho Noodleville on Orchard Park.

I also want to mention a new BBQ joint here in town that has potential. "We’re Pigs" is at 115 Orchard Park and I have only been there once but it definitely shows promise. If you have eaten there and enjoyed it then please let me know your thoughts.

If that’s not enough, he later made a video about it. Completely Awesome. I can’t recommend going here highly enough.

Sticker Peep John
awesome kitchen
Image by StickerGiant
This is John, our landlord and general facilities guy.
John Facts:
He is a bachelor and does not cook, he only makes cereal.
His tool room is cleaner than your kitchen. I don’t need to see your kitchen.
He was in the Navy. He is a machinist and has planned and managed all of our big infrastructure improvements.
He used to make hard drive prototypes from scratch, yes he made hard drives from raw materials and a set of plans.
John was a farmer when he was young.
Here he is clearing branches from the comcast lines.
His pickup truck is named "old blue" and is awesome.
John lifts weights everyday and is a picture of fitness.

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