4a skona hem 15

By | January 7, 2019

Some cool modern kitchen design images:

4a skona hem 15
modern kitchen design
Image by thekitchendesigner.org
Nothing special but always interesting to see a very dark kitchen

Woodrow Wilson House – first floor kitchen 14 – 2011-12-04
modern kitchen design
Image by Tim Evanson
Looking northeast at the cooking stove on the western wall of the Cooking Kitchen at Woodrow Wilson House. Despite being a very modern house with electricity and telephones, Woodrow Wilson House was not built to accommodate natural gas.

This wood-fired stove occupies most of the western wall. Here, you can see a kettle resting on a girll. In the middle is a waffle iron, and to the right a boxy popcorn popper, a circular cooking surface, and a soup cooker (set deep into the oven).

Woodrow Wilson House is located at 2340 S Street NW in Washington, D.C . After Wilson’s second term as president ended on March 4, 1921, he moved into this house with his wife and two servants. Crippled by the 1919 stroke that ended his presidency, Wilson died in the house on February 3, 1924.

The house was built in 1915 by Henry Parker Fairbanks, a Boston businessman and carpet industry lobbyist, and designed by celebrated architect Waddy Wood.

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