Bikes in our kitchen

By | November 19, 2018

Some cool awesome kitchen images:

Bikes in our kitchen
awesome kitchen
Image by spatulated
Our apartment grows ever increasingly awesome. Jordan’s and my most recent venture was to hang our bikes on our kitchen wall. It looks incredibly baller and is insanely practical. Also, having my bike be the higher one is going to make me buff, because Coby (that’s my bike’s name) is no light-weight spring chicken. He is built like a tank and regularly goes to parking lots just to intimidate cars. He is kind of a jerk like that, but I love him anyways.

snow day
awesome kitchen
Image by honeybeararmy
This is my backyard. I didn’t even have to go outside to take this photo, I was standing in my kitchen in slippers, my bondage pants and a ribbed black sweater. My backyard is awesome.

And, this is my favouritest photo i’ve ever taken. I’d add it to my favourites if that were possible 🙂

Awesome neighbor decorations – kitchen
awesome kitchen
Image by Flyinace2000

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