By | December 2, 2018

A few nice cool bathroom images I found:

cool bathroom
Image by miskan
I took some pictures earlier in the day but I was just checking them out and they were pretty crap. So since its 11:15PM I had to quickly scramble and find something at home to take a picture of. After a bit of search I decided to take a picture of the magazines lying on my bathroom floor. I just got a whole shipment of magazines from Aramex so my bathroom floor is just packed from one side to another with magazines. I get a whole variety of magazins, FHM, Esquire, Baseline, Wired, Cargo, Car And Driver, RollingStone, Xbox OFM, Mac Addict, Mac World, CIO Insight, and more. My favorite of-course is WIRED and my second favorite is currently Cargo. Cargo is a pretty cool magazine, its fairly new compared to the rest and its the best magazine out there for guys. Its like cosmopolitan but for men. Every issue is full of product reviews from tech gear to which shampoo is best for your hair. Plus they show you what you can do with your clothes, how to layer your stuff or what shirt to wear on what occasion. Very interesting and very cool.

day twenty–dreaming
cool bathroom
Image by ohmyGaly
Today, I had no idea what I wanted for my 365, I took a few pictures earlier, but wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I had no idea what I wanted to show for today. Finally, I went to this little place in North Beach and went to use the bathroom, they had this really cool tile so I snapped a picture using my *ahem* phone *ahem* and I did a little editing. I had fun with it, it was quick and easy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something better…but maybe not, I think I lost the charger for my camera…whoops. haha. I’ve also been listening to Rilo Kiley alllll day. And I got two new CDs: Bjork and Wilco woohooo!

Currently Listening to "Portions For Foxes" –Rlio Kiley

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