Chencun’s Old Town

By | August 10, 2018

Some cool simple bathroom images:

Chencun’s Old Town
simple bathroom
Image by Can Pac Swire
Even though I enjoy my uncle’s spacious, modern house equipped with modern bathrooms and toilets etc. Strangely, this "Old Town" area of Chencun is what I miss when I visit her home town.

My mother’s home town Chencun has changed tremendously since my first visit in the late 1970s. It used to be quite poor, backward, rural, agricultural and simple. People rode bicycles on dirt roads and worked on farms. Electricity supply was unreliable and the occasional brownouts were not a surprise. They mostly cooked their own meals at home and families gathered after dinner around the radio to listen to broadcast drama. While part of Chencun has been completely transformed, we found the part that still looks like how it was 30 years ago.

Hotel Internazionale Ischia
simple bathroom
Image by Hotel Internazionale Ischia

The family of the Hotel Internazionale IschiaThe Hotel Internazionale Ischia is a family run business and is located in Barano on the island of Ischia. The hotel offers its guests an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and 39 rooms. All rooms have stunning views, some of them to the sea and others overlooking beautiful mountains. The rooms have a simple but practical interior, all with private bathroom with tub or shower. Free Wi-Fi is available in almost all rooms as well as in all public areas of the hotel. The pool water flows from the thermal source with 70°C and is rich in minerals with health benefits.

Hotel Internazionale Ischia
Via Acquedotto, 33
80070 Barano d’Ischia NA

Tel: +39 081 901 315
Fax: +39 081 901 645

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