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By | November 26, 2018

Check out these awesome kitchen images:

Lunch 2.0
awesome kitchen
Image by dollen
There was a time when quinua was the most amazing ingredient that had ever dropped into my kitchen. We were just getting off the gluten and finding out that life without bread and pasta might be one of the hardest transitions ever. You don’t know how much you of the gluteness stuff you eat until you try to remove it from you diet. quinua was a great crutch food but we’ve since dropped it from the menu while we explore the world of low level internal inflammation. It’s a Paleo thing. Go ahead smirk and snark. Even if you don’t buy into the Paleo way of life, I dare you start experimenting with you diet and seeing for yourself if what you eat now isn’t actually making you feel like crap. Seriously, I think that maybe some people don’t even know what it feels like to feel awesome because they’ve spent their entire life eating the typical American diet. Ok, rant over.

Pretty tea towel! Roses and Tea time, a decorative towel.
awesome kitchen
Image by
Pretty tea towel! This is the prettiest tea towel. Ideal for that Country Chic or Romantic chic kitchen. Decorated by Cath using quality fabric like this one. See more of my decorative towels at my store-

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