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By | August 25, 2018

A few nice beautiful bathroom images I found:

beautiful bathroom
Image by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
If you look closely, you can see two American SCUBA divers preparing to pass through the coral arch of the ancient SLUG ROCK formation on their way to the edge of the reef. At very low tide, its just another good spot to walk out to and explorer with your kids.

The three girls on the edge of the water remind me of my own three daughters doing the same thing when they were young and growing up here.

A RELATED PHOTO TAKEN AT MAEDA FLATS (Another fine beach area several miles to the north) :


TOGUCHI BEACH PARK is on the north side of the HIJA RIVER that runs between KADENA (on the south bank) and YOMITAN TOWNSHIP on the north bank. Rocks, Trails, Caves, Tunnels, Arches, Sand, Coral, Hidden Coves, High Bluffs, Straight-ahead Sunsets, Starry Skies, Red-roofed Pavilions, Family Friendly, Playground, Restaurant, Vending Machines, Clean Public Restrooms, Ample Parking, Open 24-7…. with a Starbucks and Strip Mall only two minutes away.

My photos here are straightforward snaps, and only show a fraction of the possible subjects that await a good camera. A link to some really arty images of all the nooks and crannies of Toguchi Beach taken by other talented Flickr members is given at the bottom of this caption.

A quiet and pretty place today, it is one of the main landing beaches of the massive, April 1st, 1945 Allied Invasion that began the BATTLE OF OKINAWA. Before three months were over, more than 250,000 people on the island would be dead.

At that time, this nice stretch of sand was called YELLOW BEACH by the invading forces — one of many color designations given to all of the landing zones between what is now Cape Zampa to the north, and the Mihama Area to the south.

Interestingly, while the Military immediately made many other beaches available to the Officers and Enlisted Men for rest and recreation, YELLOW BEACH was off limits to all for (at least) more than a year after the War was over.

The Park is not dedicated to the invasion, but there are a couple of small Japanese stone markers you might stumble across that include a close aerial photo of the park area with many ships around it, and a coastline map showing how the invasion took place. These markers are easily overlooked, and for most visitors, the seas-side park is simply a nice place to hang out, two minutes from a Japanese strip mall and a Starbucks Coffee Shop.


Easy to get to, it’s divided into FOUR SECTIONS, plus a large, paved parking lot right in the center of it all.

(1) THE WATER CAVES and TRAILED CORAL BLUFFS : This popular section is found on the south side of the park where the HIJA RIVER flows into the EAST CHINA SEA. An open trail from the parking lot takes you right down to the rough, rocky shore of the River’s estuary. Or, you can walk through the arches, tunnels, and sea caves formed of old coral — all of which make for great exploring with kids — or, take the steps and pathways to the picnic pavilions and vista-view benches on top of the Coral Bluffs.

(2) TOGUCHI PICNIC BEACH : A 1,000-foot natural beach consisting of sand mixed with roughly ground coral, with weathered coral flats usually exposed at low tide. The immediate ocean view is accompanied by a couple of odd rock formations just off shore. This is the beach where most families settle in to play with their kids, or watch them from the shade of several red-roofed picnic pavilions. A day-time Japanese restaurant is also in operation, and plenty of clean bathrooms are right at hand. Forget something to drink? No problem. This is Okinawa, and that means plenty of vending machines.

(3) MOMENBARU BEACH : This is the undeveloped 1,500-foot-long strip of sand, rocks, and sloping vegetation on the other side of CAPSTAN ROCK. The Capstan and Table-Rock formation divides the two beaches, is easily crossed, and lets you see what the Picnic Beach looked like before they "civilized" it with all of the concrete amenities. You may also climb to the top of Capstan Rock for nice views of both sections of beach. Beyond the Momenbaru Beach you will come to TORII BEACH, where, if you are not in the U.S. Military, you might get chased away if you stray too far into their territory.

(4) KIDS PLAYGROUND : Next to the PARKING LOT, there is a typical Japanese playground for kids. "Typical" means that it includes one of those "roller" sliding boards.

This Flickr group focuses on just the SECOND area listed above. However, the other areas of the park are course worthy of their own little sets.

Except for the Restaurant, all of this is open 24 hours a day, and you may enjoy the long beaches and boulder-top views either under the Sun, or under the Stars.

My kids grew up just minutes from here, and it is one of many safe places they could ride their bikes to, and explore to their hearts content.

If you are new to OKINAWA, and stationed at KADENA AIR BASE or TORII STATION, this is just another place to check out if beaches, caves, coral, and blue seas are something that make you happy.



渡具知ビーチ 渡具知 ビーチ 沖縄県読谷村 読谷村 読谷








Hotel Internazionale Ischia
beautiful bathroom
Image by Hotel Internazionale Ischia

The family of the Hotel Internazionale IschiaThe Hotel Internazionale Ischia is a family run business and is located in Barano on the island of Ischia. The hotel offers its guests an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and 39 rooms. All rooms have stunning views, some of them to the sea and others overlooking beautiful mountains. The rooms have a simple but practical interior, all with private bathroom with tub or shower. Free Wi-Fi is available in almost all rooms as well as in all public areas of the hotel. The pool water flows from the thermal source with 70°C and is rich in minerals with health benefits.

Hotel Internazionale Ischia
Via Acquedotto, 33
80070 Barano d’Ischia NA

Tel: +39 081 901 315
Fax: +39 081 901 645

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