Cool Beautiful Bathroom images

By | August 30, 2018

Some cool beautiful bathroom images:

Mr. Pittock
beautiful bathroom
Image by ~Gymnopedie~
Earlier this year I had a chance to visit the beautiful Pittock mansion. This is Mr. Pittock, publisher of the Oregonian newspaper. He was about five feet tall, and his wife Georgiana towered over him in pictures 🙂

This is another one of the pictures I got besides his boots, the Breakfast room and the French room. I didn’t get enough pictures though including one of the bathroom, which was really cool. Hope to go again soon. Some say the mansion is haunted; it is among one of the haunted attractions of Portland, and there is this strange picture. It is not hard for me to believe it is since I’ve been in haunted places before, but I saw nothing unusual in my trip there.

Henry Pittock
Pittock Mansion

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