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By | November 17, 2018

A few nice cool bathroom images I found:

“Heatwave and Dog Days of Summer” by Benni Girl
cool bathroom
Image by Bennilover
"Let me tell you, Dog Days is the wrong name! Dog Days should be good beach days, trail days and park days. Instead we get record breaking heatwaves with a temp. of 112 yesterday. This would not be something I would EVER choose.

My heatwave schedule:
Rush over to the park before my eyes are open, play ball and sniff things before the sun comes up over the hill.
Go home and eat breakfast. Sleep on the sofa, sleep on the bed, sleep on the cool tile floor, sleep in the bathroom by the tub, sleep in front of the fan with my legs in the air.

No afternoon walk with Don, no patio playing ball, no going in the car anywhere! Boring, boring boring! And when I need to go potty, the back yard is so hot I think my nose will dry up and my paw pads will burn.

Mom keeps saying "thank heavens for air conditioning" and plays on the computer, reads, watches t.v. She has more fun than I do. Why wasn’t I taught to read??"

by Benni


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