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By | January 11, 2019

A few nice cool kitchen images I found:

The Night Terror
cool kitchen
Image by Perfectance
Your dream is peaceful, but short. You have awoken. In the inky blackness, the cause of your broken slumber is lost, so you try to re-enter that blissful peace. Then you hear it. The short, sharp, ear piercing cry for help of a dying smoke detector. Stumbling through the darkness to the light switch, that peaceful place slowly becomes a memory. Blinking at the sudden brilliant light, your head cranes upward to find the source of your current uncomfortably vertical condition. You see your quarry. It is above you, but it has three brothers. One in the hallway, one in the office, and another downstairs in the kitchen.

Which one?

It cries again.

The shrill scream rings in your ears, but the acoustics are imperfect.

Which one?

Blearily, you stumble to a small box tucked away in a bottomless closet. A small square power cell emerges in your grasp. It too, awoken from it’s slumber. But the 9 volt is ready for service, and you both make your way back to the source of your shared torment… And wait.

You wait for the sound.

You wait for the cry of pain.

You wait to hear again the location of your midnight interruption.

You wait.

It waits.

It does not make another sound. The 9 volt in your hand feels heavy with dissapoinent. It is but one, they are but four. You are no match. Outnumbered with low resources.

Drained, faltering, loosing verticality and the will to remain vigilant. You dejectedly return to your bed. It has cooled in your absence. Your peaceful place, nothing more than a dream. A calm you cannot return to tonight. Your thoughts are filled with the dread and apprehension of another jarring yelp. You drift away, the 9 volt stands guard on the nightstand.

In the inky blackness, It waits.

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