House on Mountain Road (James E. Frazier Farm) 8

By | August 28, 2018

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House on Mountain Road (James E. Frazier Farm) 8
modern kitchen
Image by David Hoffman ’41
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This vernacular 2-story wooden-frame I-style house was probably built just before the turn of the 20th century. The roof is metal and in poor condition. The structure is narrow, being only one room deep; each floor has two rooms, separated by a central hall, which contains the staircase. The downstairs plan differs some from the second-floor in that a small extension of the central hall occurs, opening onto a simple rear entrance. Lighting within the rooms is provided by front and rear windows except in the smaller lower-floor room (its dimensions being altered by the hall extension). A full-sized window is in that side of the structure. Both ends, which are gabled, have smaller windows to each side of the external chimneys, providing some light for an attic space. The front façade exhibits symmetry, with three windows on the second level and two widows and entrance on the lower. The windows are 6/6 except for one on the porch level, which may be a replacement. This simple style is noticeable for its lack of ornamentation, especially in any sort of millwork. The door at least has a window pattern that provides a touch of decoration. Sidelights of four panes and a panel flank the entrance; above is a segmented transom, one pane each to right and left with 3 panes in the center. The porch has also 6 unadorned, slender posts supporting a simple roof structure. The stone steps are marked with embedded horseshoes. A much more modern “ell” is at the rear, obviously an addition (or replacement) for what probably was once a detached kitchen. I’ve been able to identify this as the James E. Frazier Farm, turn of the century (20th). Photo and brief description are in the Granville County Historical Society book "Heritage and Homesteads, the History and Architecture of Granville County, North Carolina" [1988]. The photo shows the original "cook house" which is identifiable as the addition to the rear.

For an interesting article on the I-style home check out….

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