IMARET …. of Kavala … HDR

By | September 12, 2018

Some cool beautiful kitchen images:

IMARET …. of Kavala … HDR
beautiful kitchen
Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
IMARET in the Turkish language means "Kitchen for soup" and that was exactly the reason why this magnificent, unique may I add specimen of Ottoman Barock architecture was originally created for: The teachings of the Koran to the youngsters and the free handing out of soup to all those that were poor, desperate and needy. The building was completed in 1817 at the area of Panagia (Mother of God) Kavalas as a present of Mohamed Ali Pasa, founder of the Egyptian dynasty, to the city he was born. Today it functions as a luxurious 5 star hotel providing high class services to its visitors and excellent cafeteria services to people that want to enjoy the building’s hospitality for only a few hours.

In the shot above, I was lucky enough to be around this beautiful place at a very interesting moment … A heavy storm was imminent and the whole environment acquired this ochre DARK coloured aura … Whoever knows my personal photographic tastes would easily understand why I was so intrigued by the specific environmental and lighting conditions …. The stones of the rocks and the angle of the shot provide to the viewer the illusion of a natural ladder that leads directly to the elegant building ….

EXIF: PENTAX Optio T20, ISO 120, f 3,9, focal length 7,2 mm, Shutter Speed 0.016 s, HDR made by only one original shot accurately conveying the scene’s exact lighting conditions, manual exposure mode, metering method center weighted, flash went off …

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