Interior Design – A Stylish Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

By | February 22, 2018

Interior decorator Vanessa Francis shares the process behind her daughter’s bathroom, which she designed and renovated for ,000 in just six weeks. See inside the bold, beautiful space and learn how she stayed within her budget without making compromises to the decor.

Vanessa updated the builder-basic bathroom with a mixture of budget-friendly and high-end items. She updated the vanity with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, and kept the original shower tiles. She splurged on marble hexagon tiles and a matte black faucet and shower system, which both help elevate the space. Bold wallpaper and art offer drama, and soft details like succulents and blush pink towels round out the decor. Watch the video to get Vanessa’s easy and budget-friendly tips on updating a bathroom.
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20 thoughts on “Interior Design – A Stylish Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

  1. Sam Smith

    I could have done this for $1000 or less. It’s beautiful but too pricey for a small bathroom like that!

  2. raizza reyes

    A beautiful art deco bathroom. Someone wanted to charge us $8500 to renovate a tiny bathroom, but unfortunately not in the budget. We just replaced the vanity and toilet. Then hire a professional cleaner for tub & tiles. Maybe DIY or hire someone else to replace grout for tiles & re-caulk tub.

  3. Michelle Pereira

    Great bathroom. I have a rental and will try to stencil the wall behind the vanity and also paint my vanity to get a similar inexpensive look.

  4. prabhakar kewale

    Amazing. where will I get the same stencil and what is the cost. Does it stick to the wall to prevent paint leak through. What type of paint we should use.. thanks

  5. Jodi Schroeder

    Did you mean $500.00? Because that would be a budget.
    $5000.00 for a kids bathroom is being rich enough to just throw money around.

    But I'm trying to understand how a couple new faucets and a piece of wallpaper came to 5 grand.
    I could easily achieve the same look for someone for under $500.00

  6. S. Smith

    $5000 ?? That's some budget. Could have used porcelain flooring that resembled marble mosaics and install myself, could have stenciled the walls myself, and replace fixtures with much nicer ones even, for under $700.

  7. Marjolein Caljouw

    Love the floor tiles so much! And I agree with art in the bathroom. (as an artist) I'm going to paint some artwork especially for the bathroom. 🙂


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