Nice Beautiful Kitchen photos

By | September 16, 2018

A few nice beautiful kitchen images I found:

Candle jar revisited
beautiful kitchen
Image by chrisverweyphotography
The previous candle jar photo I took was on my kitchen table with the checked table cloth underneath. I thought it might look better if I did a little bit more professional job on it. I tried with a black card base, tinfoil (both shiny and dull sides) and finally ended up with a piece of whiteboard laminated plastic. The effect is quite beautiful, but I still prefer the original with the coloured squares.

‘A Morning Walk’, United States, Wisconsin, Phillips, Sunrise, County F Road
beautiful kitchen
Image by WanderingtheWorld (
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Below is an excerpt from my travel blog. Cheers.

I walked down into my Grandmother’s kitchen this Christmas morning to spy the sun breaking through the winter cloud blanket. Bright colors prompted me to put on my boots and see what I could find. I walked down the road and enjoyed the silent breeze that started to wake as the sun coming up. There’s something special about the morning calm no matter where you are in the world. It’s the world waking up. Light pours over the horizon and within a matter of hours the landscape is a completely different place. The entire process is fascinating.

The person walking down the road is me – I like shooting people, and I don’t always have another person to shoot. Self shots require you to set up a tripod and set the timer. A large Chevy truck, with a confused person at the steering wheel, drove by very slowly at one point while I was snapping away. I’m sure he assumed my tripod was a gun mount and wondered why I was running out in front of it. This particular road is a very desolate country road and it doesn’t often have crazy photographers running around on it. I’m sure he’s still telling the locals about what he witnessed today.

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