Nice Cool Bathroom photos

By | December 1, 2018

Some cool cool bathroom images:

Forever in the Arms of the Angels — VIOLET, R.I.P. 05-20-10
cool bathroom
Image by EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [”playin’ hook-y”] ;o
Our beloved last kitty passed into the warm and comforting arms of the angels in
the deep dark early morning hours on Thursday. She was in our hearts but not in our arms, preferring a cool dimly lit corner of our bathroom in which to make her transition.

She was at least 20 years old and we’re grateful that she didn’t have a long and lingering illness.

I will write more and post more photos of her later, but for right now I am just too sad.

pry broke the sink
cool bathroom
Image by Samantha Evans Photography

just me getting ready for the bright unknown day ahead of me (…..yay =/ )

but i have also decided to find a real permanent name for this whole shindig….its……(drum-roll)

Eat a Carrot Photography
(see top right of photo)

ha ya i know not very witty or clever or cool or anything else but i do quite like it!
i guess it also fit seeing how i am vegetarian and do love a good carrot……

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