Nice Cool Bathroom photos

By | December 3, 2018

A few nice cool bathroom images I found:

Project 365: Day 175
cool bathroom
Image by ilovememphis
The bathroom at the Bookstar on Poplar is possibly one of the coolest in Memphis. The space used to be a movie theater, and a lot of its original pieces were left intact when it was converted into a bookstore.

Pretty sure I’m in there somewhere
cool bathroom
Image by Unhindered by Talent
I was poking at some photos, and Tom wandered by and really liked this one. So you’re stuck with it too.

This is a reflection of our bathroom cabinets in the glass over a wonderful piece of art Jess Larson gave WeatherGrrrl. I really like the cowlick. Really.

For those in the Morris area, the current show in the HFA Gallery at UMM has 52 of these cool embroideries on display, along with a ton of other cool art, including some great photography. The photo of the bedclothes hung over the bed is a spectacular, and a powerful example of photography as intentional art as opposed to most of my stuff, which is just taking pictures of things I stumble across.

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