Nice Cool Kitchen photos

By | August 10, 2018

Check out these cool kitchen images:

Wombat flat
cool kitchen
Image by timmenzies

Really cool overhead lights
cool kitchen
Image by maryfrancesmain

Ringo, Macbook, & My Foot – Crystalwood Lodge, Klamath County, Oregon
cool kitchen
Image by ex_magician
I bought a gift certificate for the Crystalwood Lodge – a Bed & Breakfast (except they don’t actually provide breakfast any longer – but you can bring your own food and have access to a professional kitchen, which is really cool) for Margo’s birthday last year. It took us over a year to find time to use it. We loved it. The place is completely dog friendly and kennels are provided in the rooms. The owner is an Iditarod finisher and her sled dog team lives just down the road (see video).

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