Nice Cool Kitchen photos

By | August 15, 2018

Some cool cool kitchen images:

enamelware pot.
cool kitchen
Image by ancient history
my mom is an ebay wizard. she picked this out to go with my coffee pot :
pretty cool!

A Triumph
cool kitchen
Image by JohnRH4
Yesterday, Jordan and I baked/assembled this delicious Portal-themed cake, making a huge (and equally delicious) mess of the kitchen. It’s a 3-layer chocolate fudge cake with buttercream and condensed milk frosting and filling, coated in shaved baker’s chocolate and cocoa powder. The maraschino cherries are seated in cool whip, for lack of a better alternative.

Unfortunately, by the time we got around to taking pictures, it was starting to melt. A complete lack of forethought ensured it wouldn’t remotely fit in the fridge.

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