Nice Luxury Bathroom photos

By | September 10, 2018

A few nice luxury bathroom images I found:

El Transcantabrico – Kitchen
luxury bathroom
Image by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars
El Transcantabrico is the most luxurious narrow-gauge train in the world, travelling a scenic route through the north of Spain.
All the suites have good-sized wide beds (for those under 6ft 2ins / 1.86m) and excellent bathrooms with the best showers we have seen on a train. The train remains in stations overnight, allowing passengers the opportunity for a good night’s sleep as well as the freedom to wander in the town.
The catering staff and crew are attentive and friendly.
Breakfast is on the train; all other meals (except one) are in local restaurants, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the regional cuisine of northern Spain.
Train Chartering offers the whole train for private or corporate charters. The Luxury Train Club accepts individual bookings; families or small groups can arrange for their suites to be in private carriages.
El berron 22/04/2010 transcontabrico
foto: Xurde margaride

dual-head shower
luxury bathroom
Image by andrechinn
Our newly remodeled bathroom with dual shower heads and blue subway tile.

The tiles are from the San Jose Tile Co.

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