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By | January 14, 2019

Some cool luxury bathroom images:

All Aboard!
luxury bathroom
Image by A.Davey
The rail car "Kansas" awaits its next journey at Portland’s Union Station.

As with most things in life, there’s a story behind this car and its companion dome car.

According to LA Weekly:

The American Railway Explorer is a group of three train cars, each named after a U.S. state: Kansas, Utah and California. They were originally part of the Ski Train, a 14-car passenger railway shuttle that transported Denver residents (mostly kids) 56 miles to the Winter Park Resort. The Ski Train ran from the 1940s until 2009, when the Canadian National Railway bought most of its cars, except these. Now, each of the three vehicles is available for charter at a rate of 00 a day, not including Amtrak charges, liquor and food by the American Railway Explorer’s exclusive caterer, Wolfgang Puck. Still, it seems like a decent price to travel back in time to the golden age of travel, if you have the money.

For nearly 70 years, Colorado’s Ski Train would make a regular four-hour round-trip journey through 29 tunnels, including the country’s highest — the 6.2 mile-long Moffat Tunnel, beneath the Continental Divide.

James Park, the same man behind the Eastern Oriental Express Luxury Train, has since redesigned the cars in the American Railway Explorer, which are now specially rigged to connect to the Amtrak trains that come through Union Station. It’s all courtesy of Ansco, a unit of the Anschutz Corporation — owners of the Denver and Rio Grande and Southern Pacific railroads (and the company behind L.A. Live, the L.A. NFL stadium plan, and countless other venues).

The Kansas features birdseye maple with marquetry inlays, Italian mohair upholstery and English carpets. It sleeps six, and it’s the only one of the three cars with both a kitchen and a bathroom. The Kansas transported Hillary Clinton and other spouses of leaders attending the 1997 G8 Summit. They were mooned somewhere east of Berthoud Pass in Colorado.…

Paragon Properties / Northville Woods
luxury bathroom
Image by Paragon Apartments
Paragon Properties / Northville Woods / Lounge / 18800 Innsbrook Drive
Northville, MI

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