Nice Simple Bathroom photos

By | September 4, 2018

A few nice simple bathroom images I found:

Hotel Internazionale Ischia
simple bathroom
Image by Hotel Internazionale Ischia

The family of the Hotel Internazionale IschiaThe Hotel Internazionale Ischia is a family run business and is located in Barano on the island of Ischia. The hotel offers its guests an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and 39 rooms. All rooms have stunning views, some of them to the sea and others overlooking beautiful mountains. The rooms have a simple but practical interior, all with private bathroom with tub or shower. Free Wi-Fi is available in almost all rooms as well as in all public areas of the hotel. The pool water flows from the thermal source with 70°C and is rich in minerals with health benefits.

Hotel Internazionale Ischia
Via Acquedotto, 33
80070 Barano d’Ischia NA

Tel: +39 081 901 315
Fax: +39 081 901 645

simple bathroom
Image by Uglix
If you have the impression you might see an elephant around it is no fata morgana… In fact the water for the tub comes from his nose. My husband meanwhile is a bit ambivalent about his own work. Too playful! But I love it.

It is a tub for two people. We just sat down on the floor (when it still was under construction) and drawed a line around us. Then a wooden construction was erected on which I could form a negative form with clay (we bought for nearly nothing in the nearby countryside and NOT in a specialist for adobe constructions!). On this a metal cage as reinforcement for the concrete was laid out. Then I coated it with light concrete. Which means 1. it was not liquid but more like mud and 2. there was no (heavy) sand in it but pumice. Yes! In this case we used concrete!

Then the tub was turned around and bricked with Ytong stones. Despite the misleading name "aerated concrete" today there is no more cement in it. Nothing but hydrated lime and flour fine sand. It can be easily formed into curves and such because you can cut it with a simple rough saw and carve it with a kitchen knife. (After that you have to apply a filler of course.)

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