Abandoned Mims House

A few nice beautiful bathroom images I found: Abandoned Mims House Image by tantrum_dan 3059 N US Highway 1. One of the many beautiful abandoned buildings in Mims, Florida. A 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2-story house built in 1925. OZ Home Beautiful Image by Tammy Manet

Cool Simple Bathroom images

Check out these simple bathroom images: Chitral CIADP inaugurated Govt primary school Image by groundreporter GPS Bakarabad inaugurated. By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi CHITRAL: Government primary School Bakarabad inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Chitral Muhammad Shoaib Jadoon who was chief guest on the occasion. GPS Bakarbad consisting on 3 class rooms, 3 washrooms, boundary wall and main gate was reconstructed by Chitral Integrated Area Development Program (CIADP) funded by Norwegian government. A… Read More »

Cool Cool Bathroom images

Some cool cool bathroom images: Imagine Colors Image by Ampersand100 Imagine colors, smooth and restful, an oasis of shimmering water, deep and cool plants of luscious green with bursting flowers, mirrors bouncing images with magician’s quickness before your eyes. These words only begin to suggest what could be your dream bathroom. IMG_2531 Image by Wootang01 The bus ride from Shenzhen to Enping was long, like watching a freight train chug… Read More »

Bathroom – Condo Apartment Flat Condominium Bright Modern Stylish Luxury (2)

Some cool modern bathroom images: Bathroom – Condo Apartment Flat Condominium Bright Modern Stylish Luxury (2) Image by condosccsca *** You can use these pictures on your blog or website WITH ATTRIBUTION *** YOU MUST GIVE ATTRIBUTION VIA A LINK FROM YOUR SITE POINTING TO THE FOLLOWING URL : www.simplecondoadvice.com We hope you find these pictures useful for your blogs, websites or other publication types.

Old door

A few nice awesome kitchen images I found: Old door Image by Erin! We’re doing a complete kitchen remodel right now, a project Randy’s been wanting to tackle for years. We hadn’t set out to remodel the kitchen this year– I think we decided to replace a light fixture or something– but plans tend to spiral out of control over here. Projects get bigger and bigger. I’m not complaining, it’s… Read More »

Concrete Sink and Tub in Bathroom #2

A few nice modern bathroom images I found: Concrete Sink and Tub in Bathroom #2 Image by Jeremy Levine Design Recycled Fly Ash Concrete Poured in place concrete baths, sink, and countertops are constructed using 50% fly ash- the non-combustible portion of coal after it is burned in a power plant. Fly ash improves the strength of concrete and allows the use of less water, while at the same time… Read More »

Cool Cool Kitchen images

A few nice cool kitchen images I found: Rambos Kitchen Image by ShardsOfBlue Cool 60’s diner! 1958 Image by SportSuburban Love this…a unit with the sink, dishwasher, disposal, cooktop, washer-dryer combination and "cabinette" with flourescent lights, and it comes complete with a built-in radio! Very cool, but I wonder about how it was to service……

Nice Simple Kitchen photos

Some cool simple kitchen images: Udaltsova street area, Khrushchev era utilitarian 5-storey buildings Image by Bushman.K This area was populated recently before this photo was taken. When the leader of USSR was Nikita Khrushchev (after the death of Stalin), many people were still living in wooden houses and barracks after the WWII. Khrushchev issued the order to develop a cheap industry of very simple apartment building construction, using large concrete… Read More »