Small Bathroom Makeover | Decorate with Me | Boho Farmhouse Style

By | February 22, 2018

Bathroom Makeover on a budget. Come decorate with me while I give my master bathroom a face lift and turn it from the once black space into a nice spa beauty oasis that has a bohemian industrial farmhouse style. I transformed the room using only decor and it really made a big impact. I only spent by buying items on sale, thrifting, and reusing items i already had. Its feels bigger, tranquil and a retreat.

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Making over our basement bathroom has been on our list for awhile now. Follow along as John and I show you how we transformed our drab, out dated basement bathroom into a beautiful space. We have lots of helpful tips for knocking out a home project that may be lurking on your to-do list.

All of the products featured in this video can be found at Lowe’s stores:

Paint: Valspar Signature Mystic Sea in Satin Finish

The following are available on-line:

Light fixture:

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3 Piece Hardware Set Towel and Toilet Paper Holders:

Lotion/Soap Dispenser:

Trash Can:

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Light Switch Cover:

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40 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Makeover | Decorate with Me | Boho Farmhouse Style

  1. Momma From Scratch

    Hi friends! Well the vote is definitely in on the greenery it's staying!!! Many of you suggested to frame the mirror and I like that idea a lot, thank you all, many blessing and love 😘

  2. Pamela Lionel

    Very beautiful and so unique. I am going to try some of your ideas in my space. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dorsett40

    Love the video. Got me so inspired! I went to Hobby Lobby today and bought those basket towel hangers and will be getting the greenery too! Keep the ideas coming!

  4. Helen Chaney

    You did a wonderful job I would subjest to let the plant hang down looks better. Again nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cynthia Rice


  6. Patricia Davenport

    I love the way you decorate and then I just watched your video on making farmhouse signs and find that you also are so very talented because I have seen signs like yours but they always cost way too much money. So BIG THANKS, you encouraged me to try and make my own and save a ton of money. Bless you!!!

  7. Karen Ley

    Hi Emily ……Loved Your All "NEW" Bathroom Decor !!! I would Leave The Plant's…Full.Look's Too Sparse, With Only "1",Or Half As Much. Also, Inside The Watercloset, Love The Shelf, And All The Decor, But…… The Terrarium Look's Way Too Small. I Would Take That Totally Away, And Put A Sign, Underneath The Shelf, Leaving Some Space Up Underneath The Shelf, Before Hanging The Sign. I Would Paint Those Gold Candleholder's, Then Place Them, Same Distance From Each Other, One On Each Side.( Like You Have The One), Toward's The Front.Get Some Pretty " Colored " Candle's For Them, Like One's With A Pretty Design. Need Some "Color", In There. Really Like "What" You "Chose", For The Whole Bathroom Emily !!! I Am Alway's & Forever, "Tweeking" Thing's IN My House……FUN !!!

  8. tyrroo

    Wow, you did an amazing job! It looks so elegant and classy and peaceful, like a luxury spa!

    Also, I love the two wood signs. "Get naked please" lmao!!

  9. Teresa Plans

    Love the way it turned out Emily and I like the full greenery. Tyfs and have a great weekend!! Hugs πŸ€— Teresa

  10. Jayne Brandon

    Yeah hello I would think all of the greenery and it looks really pretty in there thanks for sharing see you

  11. Green Willow

    Oooooo!!!! Love your bathroom transformation!! It looks so, so beautiful! I'm a big fan of that paint color, too. We have it in one of our bedrooms. What a spectacularly gorgeous shower curtain!! It would make me smile every time I walked into the bathroom. TFS <3 Kate

  12. Angela Fleming

    K love this. I love the color. It's amazing what some paint and a little love will do to a space!!

  13. svntrs

    wow Jen, this was one of your best videos…for me, probably because I'm trying to improve our bath and we're planning on painting and I haven't done it in over 20 years. Seriously, I forgot what to do. Thank you so much John for being in the video and taking the time to explain those simple things. Jen you have the best taste in decor!

  14. Emily Decanio

    Great video! The room looks great, and it was interesting to watch.

  15. Starlessmoon

    Wonderful job! Looks beautiful! I wanted to suggest you something I recently did in my own bathroom which is simple, cheap and super easy to do, it only takes 30 min max for a space like yours. I used a grout renewer pen that I bought at Home Depot for around $6 for two pens and each one covers up to 160 Ln ft. I think you can probably find it at Lowes as well. The brand of the one I got is Rejuvenate Grout Renewer Pen in white. It instantly makes all of your floor look new and so clean again!

  16. Sjudit84

    I liked the commentary from both of you, to show the male and female side of the work and the project.


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