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Chrysanthemum-flower Fish (Rock Ling) – Sungs Kitchen

Some cool simple kitchen images: Chrysanthemum-flower Fish (Rock Ling) – Sungs Kitchen Image by avlxyz Chrysanthemum-flower Fish (Rock Ling) – Sungs Kitchen AUD22.80 — 宋家私房菜 Sung’s Kitchen (03) 9329 2636 118 Franklin St Melbourne VIC 3000 sungskitchen.com.au/ Mei and Peter took us to a surprising gem of a Chinese restaurant, tucked away in Franklin St. The selection of Chinese teas were quite amazing, and we settled on a 菊花枸杞子茶 Chrysanthemun… Read More »

Rock Dove

A few nice cool kitchen images I found: Rock Dove Image by CarbonNYC [in SF!] No shortage of these nor of photos of them, but I thought this should make the Flickr "cut" — he almost looks friendly! (And the rock looks cool — and there’s the "Rock Dove" and "rock" connection, perhaps.) I’m reaching. 🙂 Lemon Coolers Soaps Image by soapylovedeb Like eating cookies in grandma’s kitchen, these soaps… Read More »

rock rainbow wet

A few nice modern bathroom images I found: rock rainbow wet Image by merwing✿little dear inspired by many photos on flickr of this sort of thing, I made my own rainbow of river rocks. I bought them at lowes to make this, for about rather than . 😛 www.chiasso.com/shopping/modern-bedding-and-bathroom-acce…