Tuna Cactus Apple Fruit 10-6-09 — IMG_6716

By | October 12, 2018

Check out these beautiful kitchen images:

Tuna Cactus Apple Fruit 10-6-09 — IMG_6716
beautiful kitchen
Image by stevendepolo
Beautiful food macros from Caroline’s kitchen.

The fresh, many-seeded fruit is called "cactus apple" or "tuna," and it is eaten raw or made into drinks. One must be very careful when preparing the fruits because of minute, hair-like spines called glochids. The painful glochids can be removed from the fruits by scraping or singeing them with a flame, or by washing them thoroughly in a tub with a high pressure nozzle. Generally the ends of the fruits are severed transversely, and then the fruits are cut open lengthwise and the contents removed from the skin.

“Kids being ‘aware’ layered transitions for BCA” by mimitalks, married w/children (first one done originally in HD)
beautiful kitchen
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
Our kids were "aware" of Breast Cancer pretty early in life. Right now our kitchen sports Pink Ribbon chip clips, a Pink Ribbon can opener – my favorite Pink Ribbon beverage glasses (all shown in some of my images), and the Yogurt in our fridge has a special Pink Ribbon top for send-in.

October is so much for me – my dad passed away about 3 weeks after 9-11 (October 8), I turn a year older (and this year my now-natural salt/pepper hair proves it…), I schedule a yearly mammogram and other fun checkups, and I miss my mama more than usual. I think it is because I write about her so much on Flickr – about her having been a Breast Cancer survivor. I know it must be because I involve myself pretty thoroughly in promoting "awareness" through my designed images and Video Art- which brings her to mind.

But I want to share her story. Simple, really. It could have had such a different ending. She hadn’t had a mammogram in years, and something prompted her to have one in 2005 (the year of Hurricane Rita – which hit us hard and direct-on in southeast Texas ). I remember so clearly us gathering around the doctor in the hospital after her lumpectomy and removal of several lymph nodes, waiting for what he would tell her 5 girls and 1 son. How we gratefully prayed thanks for his telling us that it was contained, not even in the lymph nodes. How Mama did so well with the radiation she had to have, and how thankful we were there was no chemo for our beloved mom.

I pray that if you haven’t had your yearly mammogram, ladies, that you will schedule one as soon as you can. That it would be clear – showing no sign of cancer. That if it isn’t that you would have the best scenario possible.

Like my mama.
I did this, using Flickr member Pareeerica’s Beautiful Bokeh background on the first set of images. Erin, our daughter (shown above at various ages) designed the pattern on the computer for the Pink Ribbon Frame (a FREE digital frame shown here:). I imaged the frame with it and all the other graphics and/or photo/imaging with the use of Paint Shop Pro vs. 6 and 10. I took the original photos with the exception of the woman in the video (a friend took it of a much-younger me.) The Video Art was done using my brand new program (birthday gift from Lynn), Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate – my first video done with it. I’m still working on how to get the images to fit the frame.

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